Watch the Olympics at the Best Craft Beer Bar in Fort Lauderdale!

It seems like every four years, the eyes of the world land on one frozen locale for another round of Olympic revelry. This winter of 2014 offers a unique location for the Olympics games, as they are taking place at the beach resort of Sochi, a vacation destination in Russia located on the Black Sea. The games cost an estimated $50 billion to host but the reports from athletes and journalists are that the accommodations are less than stellar. If you’re an athlete or a reporter than that’s too bad for you, but for the rest of us content to watch the action from a distance, there’s no better place than American Social.

Take one look around the walls here at American Social and it should be pretty clear what country everyone will be rooting for. American flags are just about everywhere you look although the number of high definition televisions may be more! The Winter Games are certainly unique with stunning acrobatics in the snowboarding half pipe and unmatched grace in figure skating. There are also team sports like hockey which are fast paced and exciting to watch. In fact, the Olympic hockey rosters are pretty much NHL All-Star teams so there won’t be any shortage of action and excitement in Sochi!

Don’t forget that Monday’s are $5 burger or ribs night and Happy Hour starts every weekday at 4pm. Stop by then for cheap craft brews, liquor and appetizers until 7pm. American Social isn’t just a place to go, it’s THE place to go on Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale. Whether you’re looking for a sports bar or a place with great American cuisine, American Social has it all!

American Social has a huge selection of craft beers on tap and in bottles including:

  • Samuel Adams
  • Stone IPA
  • Blue Moon
  • Magic Hat #9
  • Dogfish Head 90 & 120 IPA
  • Rogue Dead Guy
  • Flying Dog
  • Goose Island
  • Many more!

Enjoy Brunch in Fort Lauderdale at American Social Bar

It’s been said breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what if you’re having a lazy weekend and decide to turn your alarm clock off?  If you wake up hungry and it’s too late for breakfast, American Social Bar in Downtown Fort Lauderdale has your solution. Stop by any Saturday and Sunday between 11:30 am to 2:30 pm for the best brunch in town.

American Social Bar is more than just a place where you can enjoy an evening watching sporting events with your friends and enjoying great craft beers. What makes this Las Olas hot spot unique is that it’s a great place to visit during any time of the day. The American Social Brunch is the place to satisfy your hunger and get your weekend started right. If you’re looking for something hearty to fill your belly, enjoy some scrambled eggs with bacon and sausage or try some Belgian waffles.  But don’t be shy. Feel free to venture over to the omelet and meat carving stations. If you’re more into eating healthy, the AmSo Brunch Buffet also provides a wide assortment of fresh fruit. The best part about visiting American Social Bar for brunch is you never have to worry about going thirsty. Our brunch features unlimited mimosas and a Bloody Mary bar.

If brunch isn’t your thing, American Social Bar also has a great lunch menu available every day. There’s never a bad time to enjoy the sights and sounds of beautiful Downtown Fort Lauderdale. Before you get ready to visit the museum, catch a movie or spend the day at the beach, don’t go hungry. There are plenty of places to dine in Las Olas. But you won’t find a better place where you can enjoy traditional American cuisine in a fun, energetic atmosphere.

American Social Bar is a place that truly lives up to its name. Our establishment is dedicated to honoring our country’s rich heritage. When you walk inside, you’ll be instantly captured by a slice of Americana. Our décor features gas laterns, original old-Chicago brick walls and a handcrafted Ipe wood bar. Our walls are displayed with timeless Life Magazine which commemorate some our nation’s most iconic people and historical moments.

Good times don’t just happen at night. There’s never a bad time to enjoy great food, watch a game or pour a pint of your favorite craft beer. Don’t just sit at home and watch from the sidelines. Bring your old friends and meet new ones at American Social Bar.

Experience the NFL Playoff Drama at American Social

Super Bowl XLVIII is almost here and it’s hard to believe the NFL season went by so fast. It seems like week one was so long again and now we’re down to the final eight teams fighting for the ultimate prize. The playoffs are shaping up just as advertised however as the biggest stars and the best teams are still in the hunt. You have superstars like Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning who we’ve all come to expect to be playing in January. Then there are the young gunslingers like Andrew Luck, Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson and Cam Newton who are looking to make a name for themselves as the best QB of the younger generation.

The best part about the NFL Playoff is that they schedule games on Saturday so fans don’t have to pick which game they want to watch. The Saints and the Seahawks square off in Seattle at 4:35pm on Saturday afternoon and that should be a great game. The New Orleans Saints are coming off a huge win on the road against the Philadelphia Eagles and the Seahawks have been widely considered the best team in football since the season started.

At 8:15pm on Saturday there is another intriguing matchup featuring the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts. The combination of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are in the midst of an incredible run of success that ranks them one of the best head coach and quarterback combo to ever play the game. On the other side of the field is a young man who is already being heralded as the next great quarterback in the NFL. Andrew Luck burst onto the scene two years ago and has already proved why he was deserving of the first overall pick. Luck orchestrated an improbable comeback in the first round of the playoffs after erasing a 28 point deficit and taking the lead late in the game.

Sunday’s games are just as good as the 49ers and Panthers go head to head at 1pm and the Chargers look to knock off the Broncos at 4:40pm. The best place to watch all of these great playoff games is at American Social on Las Olas. With a delicious weekend brunch and a full bar, American Social has all the amenities for an awesome day watching football. Stop by American Social today and check it out for yourself!

Watch the Football Playoffs at American Social

December is a great month in Fort Lauderdale and elsewhere in Florida because it means the NFL and NCAA Football postseason is upon us. There’s nothing like watching your team when the stakes are the highest and American Social is the perfect place to cheer for your team or school.

The Florida Gators and Miami Hurricanes didn’t have stellar seasons but the Seminoles of Florida State University rode redshirt freshman quarterback Jameis Winston to an undefeated season and the number one overall ranking in the BCS polls. It’s the first time Florida State has had a number one team in a long time and plenty of Floridians are excited to see how the BCS turns out. With Ohio State, Auburn and Alabama as potential opponents in the BCS Championship Game, there are no guarantees for the Seminoles to take home the ultimate prize. This is the last year where the BCS computers pick the final game so come out to American Social and watch history in the making!

American Social caters to those who bleed their team’s colors. With HD flat screen TV’s all around the bar and a huge selection of craft beers and delicious appetizers, American Social on Las Olas Boulevard in downtown Fort Lauderdale. American Social has all the major games on Saturdays and Sundays as well as Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football. Mondays are $5 burger and rib night so come watch some football and eat delicious barbecue all night long.

American Social is open at 11:30am Monday through Friday and brunch starts at 11:30am on the weekends. Come enjoy late night on Friday and Saturday and enjoy the party at American Social until 2am! Great people, cold drinks and delicious food… what more could you want!

Enjoy a Wide Selection of Craft Beers at American Social

Attention beer lovers in Fort Lauderdale! If you’re a beer connoisseur, American Social Bar is the place in South Florida to visit. There’s nothing more All American than enjoying a juicy hamburger or a rack of succulent ribs along with an ice cold beer while watching your favorite sports team on a HDTV. But if you really love beer, it doesn’t matter what you’re eating. American Social Bar has an endless selection of local and regional craft beers.

Craft beer was virtually unknown 30 years ago. But today, it’s become a household term from beer aficionados to the average person. In the last ten years, microbreweries began sprouting up like weeds.  If you really love beer, chances are you have your own favorite.  Craft brewing is mostly an American phenomenon. According to the Oxford Companion to Beer, 90 percent of the world’s microbreweries in 2011 were located in the United States.

But what exactly is craft beer? According to the Brewers Association, it’s beer produced by small, independent breweries. Back in the 1990s, it was commonly known as microbrews. But in recent years, the term has faded away and been replaced by craft beer. One of the reasons the term microbrewery has disappeared is because it’s actually a legal term used to describe breweries of specific sizes in the nation. Microbrews are required to produce a limited amount of barrels of beer annually. But what ultimately ended the term was when former microbreweries, such as Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams) and Sierra Nevada became nationally distributed products and earned big-name brand recognition.  Today, craft beer is simply defined as simply crafted instead of manufactured.

There are three different types of craft beer producers—small, independent and tradition. A small craft beer company is one that produces less than 2 million barrels of beer a year.  Independent craft brewers own less than 25 percent of a brewery. Traditional craft beers must have at least 50 percent of its production in either malt beer. Traditional craft beers also use different ingredients, such as corn or rice to add to its flavor. Most conventional beers use barley.  Some traditional craft brewers are more adventurous and use adjunct ingredients, such as fruit, spices, rye or even oatmeal.

American Social Bar has wide variety of some the top craft beers in South Florida on draft. Among the more popular beers available are Dogfish Burton Baton, Funky Buddah Hop Gun and many more. Come use the pour-it-yourself taps at the beer bar. You can even pour your own pint of draft beer at American Bar’s beer wall, where you can choose between up to six beers at once. If you’re in the mood to grab a slice of Americana, stop by the American Social Bar in the heart of Downtown Fort Lauderdale on Las Olas Boulevard.