Practically everybody knows that you can pair tacos with beer and margaritas. These drinks are pretty much standard pairings that every restaurant in Miami promotes on their Taco Tuesday dinners. Of course, we like to be a little bit different, and the chefs and bartenders at American Social recommend that you try the following pairings the next time you’re wondering what to drink with tacos.


This close cousin to tequila has a smoky flavor that is the perfect complement for the hamburger or chicken found in most tacos. There are dozens of varieties of mezcal to try, but many consider the best of the best to be the ones made from blue agave because the flavors it brings out in the taco are simply spectacular.

Sauvignon Blanc

White wines go great with white meat tacos, including the chicken mole and fried shrimp tacos we serve at American Social. In general, the more citrusy the flavor of the meat and seasonings, the better the pairing. Conversely, if you have a red meat taco full of hamburger or the Ropa Vieja taco packed with brisket, consider going with a dry rose or something with a little bit more body to it.


Alright, we would be remiss if we didn’t include at least one or two beers in our list of drink pairings. A good amber ale or pale ale will go great with chicken or fish any day of the week. If the taco is a bit on the spicier side of things (and you want to make it even spicier), consider an IPA with plenty of hoppy bitterness. And if you are loading your plate down with our fried shrimp tacos, be sure to pair it with a pilsner and get ready to enjoy the most powerful flavors from a taco that you could ever imagine.

Mexican Martini

The Mexican martini is what happens when you take the best features of a margarita and a daiquiri and mash them all together. Patrons at restaurants in Miami love the orange, lemon, lime and vodka flavors that come out in the Mexican martini because they provide the perfect complement to the flavors found in their tacos.

The chefs at American Social locations in Fort Lauderdale & Brickell are ready to serve you and invite you to stop in and pull up a seat the next time you get a craving for some treats from south of the border. Don’t forget that if you stop by on Taco Tuesday, you can enjoy your tacos and drink pairings at a fabulous discount.