5 Must-Attend Events in Tampa this Spring

Tampa is veritably buzzing with activity as the weather warms up, and now is your chance to start getting tickets for all the biggest events of the year. Here is a list of the top things to do in Tampa during festival season.

1. Gasparilla

Gasparilla is full of great events and celebrations that span several months each year. From the Gasparilla International Film Festival to the Festival of the Arts and the Music Festival, you can find something that you’re sure to enjoy. The whole area comes alive with exciting activities to participate in, and it covers a wide array of interests and groups.

2. Meditation at the Portico

If you’re a student of mindfulness and you want to learn from a variety of local instructors, Meditation at the Portico offers a great opportunity to meet people and experience new things. The Portico also hosts yoga throughout the month if you want something a little more physical.

3. Fourth Friday

Fourth Friday is a chance to visit Tampa’s exclusive downtown district and partake in some local business. You will find artists, entrepreneurs and more who live and work locally. You can support them by participating in the event and network with other locals.

4. Take a Class

The Museum of Photographic Arts puts on dozens of classes and workshops each year. You can learn about the art of personal creativity, social media photography, and even photoshop skills. You can learn something new just about every weekend with their help.

5. Do an Art Walk

One of our favorite events in Tampa is the annual Art Walk. Tampa is home to numerous artists using all different mediums. You can enjoy a nice romantic evening discovering all of the hidden artworks throughout the city of Tampa. You can also step into galleries and bring home some art of your very own, or put up your art pieces for display during the event.

Be Sure to Stop By American Social Tampa

When all of the events have finished up, make sure to stop by American Social Tampa to enjoy a cold beer and a delicious burger. We have a full menu of hearty dishes to restore your energy, and incredible craft beers to get you relaxed. The atmosphere is warm and friendly so you can socialize with all of your new friends and chill out after a long day of being out and about in the city. We look forward to seeing you!