5 Things Every Tampa Sports Fan Should Experience

Tampa is a bustling hub for sports fans in South Florida. There are tons of local teams, plenty of sports bars, and lots of great fields to visit while you’re in town. That’s why we created this list of the top five things to do in Tampa if you’re a lover of sports.

1. Visit the Tampa Outdoor Expo and Boat Show

The Tampa Outdoor Expo and Boat Show is an enormous event brings together some of the biggest names in sporting today. It includes a huge range of activities, vendors and more. Plus you can tour a variety of luxury boats and meet with local celebrities who are there to give demonstrations and share their expertise with other sports fans.

2. Catch a Lightning Hockey Game

The Lightning is Tampa’s very own hockey team. You can catch them playing games at the Amelie Arena. This state of the art facility is full of excitement and has been loaded up with all the latest technology for fans. You’ll enjoy the enhanced viewing with the help of the Megatron and an incredible sound system.

3. Visit the Tampa Baseball Museum

Tampa Bay is home to a professional baseball team that plays at the George M Steinbrenner Field. Local baseball enthusiasts have put together a fantastic baseball museum that also includes a number of pieces from New York’s most popular team, who visit Tampa during spring training each year. You can learn about the history of the sport and more here at the museum.

4. Visit American Social Tampa

American Social Tampa is a sports bar like nothing you’ve ever seen before. With dozens of big screen TVs and a huge, casual outdoor dining patio, you can watch your favorite games anytime. There’s plenty of room to bring all your friends and celebrate the camaraderie of fellow sports fans while enjoying a great meal and signature drinks.

5. Visit the Infamous Raymond James Stadium

If you’re a football fan, you’ve surely heard of the amazing Raymond James Stadium. This stadium holds plenty of history as it has hosted two incredible world championship games. In addition, it is the only stadium that is outfitted with ships cannons to celebrate the home team every time they score.

These are just a few of our favorite things to do in Tampa to celebrate our love of sports. The city has plenty of entertainment to offer, and even more great places to catch a game. Don’t forget to stop by American Social’s Tampa sports bar and enjoy a beer with your favorite team on the big screen!