Thursday nights are party nights in Miami, where the action never stops. You can count on great food, plenty of entertainment and lots of new friends when you venture out into the city. Here is a list of our top five favorite things to do in Miami on Thursday night.

1. Head to the Beach

Miami is known for its world-class beaches. There is plenty of room to lay outside, walk along the shore, or even rent a jet ski or boat. The beach is lined with great vendors, and there are plenty of festivals and other events going on year round thanks to the mild weather. If you’ve never visited the beach on a Thursday night, now is the time to start.

2. Faena Forum

This incredible hotspot in the heart of Miami is full of astonishing art featuring artists from all over. Every time you go in, they have introduced somebody new or brought in a brand new exhibition. Plus, there are parties and other social events held in this space so you can always find a group to fall in with.

3. Faena Theater

While you’re in the art district, consider catching a show at the theater. You can find everything from live music to dance productions and everything in between. On occasion, they also bring in speakers from various backgrounds as well. During the week you can enjoy some lively karaoke here too!

4. Enjoy a Picnic at New World

New World Center is a brilliant highlight of Miami culture where guests can enjoy free movies and musical performances outside in their Soundscape Park. The feature presentations are projected up on to the side of their building and speakers throughout the landscaping let you in on the action. Just bring a blanket and some snacks, and you can spend the evening with the whole family.

5. American Social

If you’re ready to enjoy some delicious food and drinks, head over to American Social on Thursday nights. American Social is home to some of the best nightlife Miami has to offer. There are happy hour specials every night of the weeks, plus a huge selection of craft brews.

Make the most of your Thursday night in Miami by checking out some of the best places to go out in Miami during the week. These five suggestions will get you started and cover all your bases whether you’re into art or exploring the social scene. Make your reservations at American Social Miami tonight.