Where Do Celebrities Go in Miami?

Spotting celebrities in Miami is not difficult. You just have to know where to go. Fortunately, the internet is full of information on the hottest clubs and restaurants in the Miami area so you can be at the center of the action. Here are some of the most frequented spots in town that regularly host celebrities:

Bal Harbor Shops

The shops at Bal Harbor feature a huge range of luxury stores including everything from designer clothing to jewelry and more. This shopping mall is also known for hosting celebrity authors, putting on big events and generally being a good spot to kill a few hours meandering through stores.

On the Beach

It should seem obvious, but one of the best places to spot your favorite celebs is right on the public beaches of Miami. This is a place everyone goes to get away, and the low key atmosphere makes it easy to bump into the famous on any day of the week. You will typically find celebrities hanging out close to the biggest resorts along the shore.

where do celebrities go in miami


If you’re into the nightclub experience, LIV is the place to be. LIV brings in tons of musical guests to perform, but you will also find the audience to be pretty star-studded as well. To get to the LIV, you will have to walk through the lobby of the infamous Fontainbleu hotel, which is itself a celeb magnet. You’re virtually guaranteed to run into somebody you recognize while you’re here.

Art Basel

Nobody can resist the celebrity status that comes with participating in one of Miami’s biggest events of the year. Art Basel takes over a whole section of the city and brings together artists of all kinds. You will often find pop stars and other musicians here appreciating other forms of art.

American Social

At the end of the day, American Social Miami is at the center of the city’s most popular clubs and tourist spots. Featuring a huge menu of beers and signature dishes, you can rub elbows with Miami’s upper class while enjoying a chill environment with your whole crew. After a long day of figuring out where to see celebrities in Miami Beach, it’s time to unwind at American Social.

Where do celebrities go in Miami? Everywhere. Miami is so full of character and charm; you can spot celebrities everywhere from family restaurants to high-life resorts and beyond.