2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year for craft beer. From New England to California, breweries across the country are putting together some delicious craft brews for you to enjoy at American Social. Keep an eye out and your glass ready because we will have many of these on the American Social menu.

Sour & Craft Fruit Beers Gain Ground

These sweet and sour treats are becoming bar regulars. Brewers are conducting plenty of experiments with wild yeasts and flavor combinations to create the edgy, unique brews that consumers desire.

Buy Local

Whether it’s a Tampa Bay beer, or the best beer in Miami, consumers want beers from their own backyards. The “big boys” domination of the market continues to loosen as more and more consumers want to sample and enjoy the craft beers created by breweries in their community.

New England IPA’s Go Mainstream

The New England style of brewing IPA’s creates a unique flavor and excellent taste. It’s a flavor that’s getting plenty of attention. It is expected that brewers up and down the coast will play with this beer throughout the year to achieve a perfect balance between flavor, color, texture, and shelf life.

Expansion of Session IPA’s

The craft beer industry trend towards more and more session IPA’s is in full-swing. These lighter beers have an alcohol content of less than 5% and hit the spot perfectly when paired with everything from snacks to steaks. This makes them a popular choice for those who like beer but don’t want to get tipsy while enjoying their meal.

Restaurants Expand Their Options

Craft beers are making their way into the restaurant chains. Large chains are picking up on what restaurants like American Social have long-known: that people want a diverse selection of craft beer to choose from when they head out on the town.

European Brews Travel to American Shores

One of the most exciting beer industry trends that is starting to come into play is the inclusion of European craft beers on the market. Whereas in the past many smaller brewers in Europe chose not to go through the headaches and hassles of shipping and regulations, many now see the opportunity as a golden egg that’s ready to be plucked. As these brews make their way to market, no doubt their unique flavors and styles will influence the beers local brewers craft.

We have plenty of craft beers on tap and in bottles on the American Social menu in Brickell, Las Olas, and Tampa. We invite you to drop in anytime to learn more about these craft beer industry trends and to taste some of the incredible beers we have to offer.