Enjoy a beer tap at your table!

The days of walking into a bar and finding a beer list with one or two lagers and maybe a stout, all made by the same brewing company, are pretty much over. Craft beer has taken the world by storm, and more and more beer connoisseurs are demanding it.

In Miami, few bars do craft beer as well as American Social Restaurant & Bar. Whether you love going out with the guys or you just want to plan a fun date night with some craft beer, you can do it all at American Social.

A Huge Selection of Craft Beers

Craft beer is all about having a choice in what you drink and kicking the old standbys to the curb, at least for one night. Whether you love dark, rich beers or light lagers that are best served ice cold, there’s a quality draft brew out there for you.

At American Social, we offer dozens of different beers to our customers. Whether you prefer cider, porter, stout, lager, wheat beer, Belgian Abbey’s, IPAs or anything else, we have got you covered.

Offering beer from diverse brewers like Magic Hat, Lagunitas, Wynwood, J. Wakefield, Funky Buddha, Dogfish Head, Rough Draft, Sea Dog, Goose Island, Victory and Barrel of Monks, there’s a beer on our list for everyone.

In fact, there are probably more beers that you’ll want to try than you could sip in several visits.

What’s on tap at Las Olas What’s on tap at Brickell

Our Rotating Beer List

Pour it yourself at American Social!

Most people that love craft beer love it because they went out on a limb and tried something new at one point. Maybe a friend offered them a unique brew, or maybe they took the recommendation offered by a trusted bartender. Either way, most beer fanatics who love craft suds like some real variety.

That’s why we’re always offering new varieties of beer to our customers. Some of our favorites stay on tap, but that doesn’t mean we don’t always have new brews and varieties available for you to try.

Best of all, we don’t just get one new style at a time. After all, craft beer is all about mixing and matching and trying something new.

Pour-It-Yourself Beer Taps

American Social has a staggering selection of craft beers with new varieties coming in all the time. What more could you ask for if you’re a craft beer lover? Well, what about the ability to pour your own beer when you’re running low on your chosen pint?

With American Social’s new pour-it-yourself beer taps located right at your table, you can make sure you’re never without a glass of cold, crisp beer. Like the rest of the beer selection at American Social, the choices on tap at your table rotate as well.

Whether you like more common craft beers like offerings from Dogfish Head, or you want to try something new each time you take a sip, our pour-it-yourself taps are sure to be to your liking.

Our pour-it-yourself tap tables are also perfect for gathering places for a group of friends. Whether you’re watching a big game or just hanging out, there’s no better way to drink craft beer. There’s nobody else that offers this unique option, either.

American Social Restaurant & Bar

Visit American Social Restaurant & Bar to learn more about our craft beer selection and how our personalized service is changing the way beer lovers are drinking. Whether you love wheat beer, stouts, IPAs or all of the above, we have something new for you to try right now! With locations on Ft. Lauderdale’s Las Olas Blvd, right on the water in downtown Miami,  and Harbour Island in Tampa, you can’t find a better place to eat, drink and be merry! Visit American Social today!