Halloween is here and it’s time for you to put your fear of new beer to rest. At American Social, we have some of the finest beers this side of Transylvania. We guarantee that you’ll be glad you gave these fantastic brews a try on your next visit to American Social in Miami or American Social in Ft. Lauderdale.

Magic Hat #9

This magical brew is fruity and flowery. It’s what Glenda the Good Witch would drink on a night on the town, and it’s one of our most popular potions.

Harpoon UFO White

This refreshing Belgian blend is sugar and spice and everything nice. This unfiltered brew is great with BBQ and those spicier dishes your palate craves from the American Social menu.

Rogue Dead Guy

This German-style maibock drips with honey and features a malty aroma that fills the room. It’s a strong starter that leaves a sense of satisfaction in its wake when you take a swig at the bar.

Funky Buddha Hop Gun

The Funky Buddha has done it again and the Hop Gun IPA is right on target. This brew is what Nirvana is all about, and the smooth caramel notes and gentle balance of this beer are an epiphany waiting for you to discover at American Social.

Golden Road Wolf Pup Session IPA

Light and fruity, this is one of our most popular Halloween drinks. This brew exudes the flavor of tropical fruit in every sip, which makes it one of the most refreshing drinks served in the best bars in Miami.

Green Flash West Coast IPA

This beer features a thorough blend of hops that give it a very distinct flavor that will have you hopping for joy. It is an adventurous beer that you will be thrilled to discover.

Evil Twin Sour Bikini

Named after the atom bomb testing sites, this beer is da’ bomb! Each swig erupts with flavor. One moment it’s sweet, the next it’s sour, and your taste buds will glow with excitement as they anticipate the beer’s next move.

American Social has all these beers and many more on tap and in bottles for you to enjoy this Halloween. As one of the best bars in Miami, American Social is gearing up and getting ready to celebrate this spooky holiday. We invite you to get in touch and make a reservation now so that you won’t miss out on the fun when the lights go down and the guys, gals, ghouls and goblins come out to play this All Hallows’ Eve.