At American Social, we know it’s that time of year again – fantasy football time! And we want to be your draft headquarters. If you’re planning your draft, we have some tips that will make this year’s your best, most fun draft ever.

Planning Your Draft

First, start early. Pick your time and place now. Some of your players will be in more than one league, with more than one draft. If you plan your draft early, you’ll get your RSVPs first.

If you are going to hold it at a bar or restaurant, like American Social Bar & Kitchen, you will want to call ahead and find out if you can reserve an area just for your group. No one wants to show up on draft day only to find that there’s either not enough room or you’ll have to wait an hour for tables to open up.

Make sure the location is big enough for your group. You will want to spread out a bit, and you’ll probably have a good deal of source material to check as you draft, so make sure the space is comfy with plenty of elbow room.

Next, decide if you’re going to hold a live draft or an online draft. If it’s online, you need to make sure your preferred location has Wi-Fi for everyone. And, even if it’s a live draft, Wi-Fi will help you get up-to-date with player injury reports.


If the location has large screen TVs with ESPN playing, like AmSo, that’s even better. And of course, make sure the location offers food and drinks your league’s players will want. Do they offer plenty of appetizers? What beers are on tap? At American Social, we’ve got you covered with great food from appetizers to entrees and delicious craft beers.

Finally, grab supplies. Be as prepared as possible ahead of time. Grab notebooks, draft sheets, and pens to have on hand. Some members of your league may bring their own, but someone always forgets and it’s best to have extras.

Organizing a fantasy football draft party may seem a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be if you pick the right place. With a little planning, your league will kick-off with no problems! Host your draft at American Social to kick the season off right!