Think about your Dad. He took you to school, showed you how to fish and taught you how to be an adult. He’s the same guy who still invites you to Thanksgiving dinner even though you used his credit card to send your little sister to summer camp in Tibet.

He has done so much for you over the years and now it is time for you to show your appreciation by taking him out for a round of beers at a sports bar in Miami where you can show him just how grateful you are.

Father’s Day in Miami at AmSo

Father’s Day this year falls on June 18, and the NBA Draft is taking place on June 22. This creates two opportunities for you to take your dad out on the town. You can make it a guys’ night, invite your mom or even let your little sister as well.

Whatever you decide, don’t leave your dad sitting at home, sipping a bottled beer and wondering why his pot pie is always cold in the middle. Turn the heat up on his celebration and raise the bar this year by taking him to the best sports bar in Miami.

Bring Everyone By For Brunch

Remember all those birthday parties, Christmas gifts and graduation presents? Show your dad just how much those memories mean to you by organizing a family brunch for Father’s Day in Miami or Fort Lauderdale. AmSo in Brickell and AmSo in Las Olas have plenty of seats that you can fill up with friends and family.

Tip a Toast to Dad

Some dads light up at the sight of a beautifully aged Bordeaux, and some like their draft picks cold and in a pint glass with just a little foam on the top. Whatever your dad desires, there is a better than even chance we have it on our beer, wine and cocktail menu.

When the team brings your dad’s choice to the table, just be sure you have a toast ready to go that celebrates your dad’s greatest achievements.

The team at AmSo is turning up the heat on our grills and cooling down our kegs in preparation for both Father’s Day and the NBA Draft. The TVs are dusted and tuned in and all you have to do to enjoy the fun in Las Olas or Brickell is to call your siblings and contact AmSo to make a reservation.