Located in Downtown Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa, American Social Restaurant and Bar is the best place in South Florida to watch your favorite games. With great burgers and beers, prime indoor/outdoor seating and spectacular views of our HD TVs – our venues are set up to please every fan. With great sound quality, a killer atmosphere and endless amounts of “cool,” American Social is the place to be in Brickell or Las Olas on game day.

Let’s break it down a little further – here are the top seven reasons to watch your game at American Social Restaurant and Bar.


You may have come for the game, but you’ll stay for the food. Enjoy some of the best burgers in South Florida. Just take a bite of our Miami “Heater” burger to find out. Your mouth will be as fired up as your game day spirit. With a great selection of “Bar Bites” and other shareable dishes, you’ll keep your tummy happy all game long.


Cheers to the huge supply of craft beers to quench your game day thirst. Sip on one of our ales, lagers or IPAs during the game then savor a nice stout for dessert. Check out our weekly promotions for extra game time specials.


Inside, or outside? You get the best choice at American Social. If you want to catch the game outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather, grab an outdoor cushion and enjoy. If you want to belly-up to the bar in front of endless HD TVs – stay inside – the choice is yours!


Regardless of whether you are inside or outside, you’ll have a great view of one or more of our numerous HD TVs. They are perfectly placed to give you the best views in the house, no matter where you sit. Don’t miss a minute of the game.

Sound Quality

Featuring the best DJs and live music regularly, American Social is no stranger to great sound. Not only will you have a great view of the game, you’ll hear all the highlights and every ooh and ah from the crowd.


Surrounded by timeless Life Magazines displayed throughout the bar, hip décor and great lighting, American Social has a great atmosphere for game day. Chill out with your friends, invite some new ones to your table, and enjoy the entire game day experience.

Cool Factor

As one of the best places to be in Brickell or Las Olas, American Social has plenty of “cool factor” for everyone. If you’re a sports lover, this is the place to be.

Is that enough convincing for you?

There’s just no question that American Social Restaurant and Bar has burgers and beers at the ready, amazing seating indoors and out, high quality sound, well-placed TV displays, as well as the best atmosphere and “coolness” in all of South Florida.

If you’re looking for a great place to catch the game and enjoy the company of friends, American Social is your game day dream come true.