Next time you’re looking forward to an exciting pro tennis match, upgrade your sports viewing experience by heading over to American Social. Here at American Social, we’ve created a hangout spot that’s set up for all kinds of fun, including just about any sports game or match you can think of. 

The vibe is friendly, the food is great, and the bar is always stocked; add that to the oversized televisions throughout the space, and we proudly beat out any other Florida sports bar: game, set, match.

Here are five reasons to watch tennis at American Social:

1. You’ll feel as if you’re sitting comfortably courtside, no matter where you’re seated in the restaurant.

American Social is more than just a regular Florida sports bar; it’s the ideal hangout venue for any occasion. Choose from seats at the oversized bar, out on the sunny patio, or anywhere else in the house, and you’ll be set for a relaxed viewing and dining experience that’s even better than a VIP courtside box. Plus, we offer a 2,500 square-foot private event space, where you can host your own private party for your favorite tennis enthusiasts.

2. Our big-screen televisions ensure that you won’t miss a second of the on-court action.

Forget straining your eyes to see what’s happening on the court; American Social has plenty of televisions within easy viewing of every seat. We wanted to open a sports bar that didn’t sacrifice a single aspect of the sports viewing experience, and that includes being able to see every exciting moment. From the first serve to the end of the match, you won’t miss a second.

3. From weekend brunch to a weeknight dinner, we have plenty of delicious dishes to keep your appetite in check.

Fabulous food is a must when you’re watching the match, and American Social’s chefs know how to set up for a winning serve. Oysters, chicken wings, tacos, burgers, ribs, and pizza are just a few of the elevated classics to come out of our kitchen.

4. You can choose from a wide selection of beer, wine, cocktails, and premium liquor to toast every match.

Whether you prefer to sip a glass of wine, tip back an ice-cold draft beer, or treat yourself to a craft cocktail while watching the match, the American Social bar will keep your drink topped off. With a tempting variety of drinks to choose from, and half-off drink specials during happy hour, you’ll always be ready to raise a glass.

5. The friendly crowd and exceptional service can’t be beaten.

When you’re trying to watch a big match, the last thing you want is to be surrounded by fellow diners with a bad attitude. But at American Social, it’s impossible not to be in a great mood, and it’s not unusual for our guests to make new friends at the next table over, right in the middle of their meal. Our servers are always happy to be here and join in on the fun, so you can be sure that a good time awaits.

Make American Social Your Favorite Sports Bar in Florida

There’s no question that we have our fair share of sports bars in Florida, but none are quite like American Social. Here, we’ve created our one-of-a-kind venues where laidback fun meets an upscale ambiance, making for the perfect place to get together with friends, family, and fellow sports fans alike. Imagine the best sports bar you’ve ever been to, but elevated to a new level of greatness – that’s American Social.

Come watch the next tennis match at American Social in Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Miami, or Orlando! We also show baseball, basketball, soccer, NHL and NFL for all your sports enjoyment.

You can always count on a winning experience all-around!


Featured Image:  Shutterstock/Strandret