Millions of men and women have proudly worn the uniforms of the United States Armed Forces over the years. On Memorial Day 2017, we invite you to come into American Social and tip a glass and raise a salute in celebration of these brave men and women.

Memorial Day at American Social


Our establishments in Fort Lauderdale and Miami proudly display the red, white and blue at every opportunity. From the flags above our doors to the pillows in our booths and the photos on the walls, we are proud to be America’s choice for good old, patriotic American fun.

Celebrate Memorial Day with Special Treats

AmSo’s chefs and bartenders are busy preparing some absolute mouthwatering specials for our guests to enjoy. Like the secret missions our soldiers set out on, we are keeping these specials under lock and key so they don’t end up on WikiLeaks.

Let’s just say that the specials we are cooking up are guaranteed to satisfy your appetite and satiate your thirst. All we will say is there will be plenty of beer, well drinks, appetizers, dishes and fantastic conversations to enjoy.

A Place to Relax and Reflect

Memorial Day Weekend in Miami at American Social is a place where friends and family can gather to rest and relax as they take a break from the festivities that are taking place in downtown Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. The televisions will display pro baseball games and our waiters and waitresses will do their part to ensure that everyone in the party is taken care of.

AmSo’s patriotism is legendary and we are proud to be among the most popular establishments for Memorial Day weekend. We get rather busy and seats fill up quickly, so if you are planning on stopping by with a large party, we recommend you call in advance to make a reservation at Las OlasBrickell, or Tampa or Orlando locations.