Got a birthday party coming up this Friday? A night out with friends? A date night, perhaps?

Whatever the event, Fridays are that time of the week when we want to wind down and relax after a monotonous week. So, as American Social, we have something cooking up for all you outgoing partiers.

Drums roll, please!

We introduce Rumba on the River, an event running every Friday at our Latin nightclub in Fort Lauderdale (Las Olas area). And if you’re wondering, here’s the best part; it’s FREE! Yes, you read that right, free.

If you’re looking for an event where you can enjoy a night filled with lively and good vibes, accompanied by a Latin night dinner-club vibe, how about making a date with American Social every Friday?

Best Cocktails in Miami

Live. Laugh. Drink a cocktail.

We probably made the last part up, but who can deny the feeling of a good cocktail? You don’t have to keep getting the same gin and tonic every night because your local bar has nothing beyond its mediocre menu. Life’s too short for poorly done cocktails.

Thankfully, among the horde of Miami Latin nightclubs in Florida, American Social crafts cocktails that will leave your tastebuds asking for more. Our hand-crafted cocktail menu looks like something from a fairy cocktail dream—from the Hibiscus Mule to the Spicy Guava-Rita. Our signature Cactus Pear Mojito cocktail is marvelous if you prefer to travel down memory lane to the old days in Havana, Cuba.

Besides our rich cocktail menu, our beverage menu comes with an assortment of America’s classic wines. To beer lovers, beer will never be the same ‌once you sample our draft beer menu.

Suppose you prefer to drink away your night in solitude or want some alone time with your significant other. In that case, our Fort Lauderdale location features an executive dining and bar room option for more privacy.

All-Day Dining

While we may recount nights when we had too many mojitos and woke up feeling icky, you could have experienced this because of drinking too much on an empty stomach. Did you know drinking on an empty stomach could do more harm than good to your health? Nutritionists point out that drinking on an empty stomach is potentially dangerous for your liver.

With this in mind, American Social serves a variety of mouth-watering cuisines all day to ensure you stay full when you dine with us. Our food menu covers many food types, ranging from:

  • Social bites: Want a light meal? Try our social bites featuring delicacies such as our Goat Cheese Croquettes specialty to simpler alternatives like the Fried Brussels Sprouts.
  • Large and Social Plates: Tailored to groups of people, our social and large plates feature a variety of dishes such as tacos, pizzas, and ribs, among many others. However, please note that we require our clients to inform our servers if anyone in their groups has food allergies.
  • Soups and salads: Craving some greens to accompany your order? You’ll be glad to know our salad menu features well-prepared soups, which you can enjoy with beef or seafood as you dance the night away.
  • Burgers and Sandwiches: We know how badly you want to gobble down a well-made burger made with all your favorite toppings. Thanks to our executive chef, you can try our Social Smash burger or the Mahi Sandwich, which are all served with French fries.

American Social Has The Best Latin Nights In Miami

There you have it! A taste of what you get at America’s Social. From mouth-watering delicacies to an all-inclusive beverage menu, we pride ourselves on providing a haven where you can drink, listen to music, eat, and dance, all under one roof.

Our Rumba on the River event runs every Friday, and we can’t wait to see you visit our restaurant ‌in Fort Lauderdale. As one of the best and most stylish restaurants in Miami, please plan to make a date with us every Friday! Contact us for more information!