Dining is an essential aspect of life that enables us to stay healthy, enjoy and even socialize. You may be looking for more fun activities alongside dining, like watching sports and enjoying your favorite drinks. Let us help you get delightful American dishes accompanied by your favorite music and sports in Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Miami, and Orlando. We will also discuss branch options for you in Orlando.

American Social

What makes a good brunch? Well, besides fantastic food, you need a convenient location. The American Social, Orlando restaurant is more than you can ever ask for—a diverse menu and a superb location.

And for the night, things can only get better at American Social. The expansive menu comes with a tranquil lit environment to give you and your friends a stunning night. This restaurant is your ultimate answer for food, drinks, and chic space for your events.

Kai Asian Street Fair

Kai Asian Street Fair is the new flavor you need when in Orlando. The founders intended to showcase the magical power of Asian cuisine; the restaurant has lived up to its billing. Astonishingly, the fun is not limited indoors. You can find yourself a delicious dish for later, or even spread the love to loved ones by gifting them a token from this remarkable place. Moreover, you can get the delectable dishes at your doorstep once you order online.


Prato is as exotic as it is incredible. The restaurant boasts authentic Italian cuisine. A delicate balance between rusty elements and modern designs will meet you at the stylish entrance. What maintains a more vibrant and communal atmosphere than a long bar? Even an outdoor patio for a more relaxing meal with friends and family.

The Ravenous Pig

The Ravenous Pig will give you precisely what you need; a blend of contemporary culinary offerings and the best aspects of American culture. The comprehensive menu offers excellent meals and masterfully-blended drinks to wash the tasty dish down.

The restaurant founders devote all operations to giving you an authentic Orlando experience. The results speak for themselves; the restaurant has received significant accolades. Meticulous care and innovation is the only way to describe the beer offered by The Ravenous Pig. You may not like beer, so they have many wines, scotch, and gins to select from.

The Osprey

Did you know that you can get a world-class dining experience from an award-winning restaurant in Orlando? The menu is diverse to match your taste. The top chefs in The Osprey offer an exciting culinary journey. You should check out the specials to make dining an experience and not mere daily activity.

The amazement extends beyond the sea dishes to equally sumptuous cocktails. The seating is sleek; it is ideal for your high-end events. Daytime is full of natural light, and the night is ambient with creative lighting. They will handle your reservation carefully to match your every specification to give you an unforgettable experience.

The Strand

The Strand is a great place to eat; you will enjoy fresh dishes. All the ingredients are sourced from Orlando to give you an authentic experience. The restaurant is a social joint where you will connect with others socially and professionally.

The menu is dynamic, and you will only get healthy dishes made from scratch in the restaurant. Ultimately, your visit to the Strand will be as memorable as fulfilling.

Get Social at American Social in Miami

What are the best drinks in Miami? There are countless options when you want to unwind, enjoy a game with friends, or have wine after a delicious meal. You have access to a personalized cocktail from experienced mixologists.

Orlando has a lot to offer; you will find mouth-watering dishes and get supreme entertainment. What is more American than a recreational center; delicious meals and a lively bar. Our restaurants are the answer you have been looking for in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and Fort Lauderdale. Make reservations for memorable executive and social functions. Contact us for fine dining in Orlando.

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