Making it in the 21st-century economy is as much about whom you know as it is about what you know. Connections made over drinks and moments shared over meals can lead to job offers, contracts and opportunities to move your career in the direction you want to go.

At Miami’s American Social Bar & Kitchen, we have created a comfortable climate in the heart of the city where young professionals can let their hair down and loosen their ties to simply enjoy networking with their peers every day of the week. Thank to our celebrated Brickell happy hour and specials, you’re guaranteed a great time and excellent deals.

An Ambiance Where Everyone is Comfortable

American Social is a modern gastropub that combines elements of fine dining, craft beer bars and upscale sports lounges. The result is an atmosphere where everyone can find something they personally relate to. This creates an environment that is conducive for conversation and conducting business in a relaxed and comfortable setting that isn’t stuffy and boring.

This makes American Social the perfect place to discuss everything from your resume and your latest project to your colleague’s achievements and recent success.

Great Food at a Great Price

Money can be tight whether you are in grad school or just getting started after graduation. The chefs at American Social understand this and have put together a fantastic menu that is always full of specials that will fill you up without draining your wallet.

Unlike many pubs and restaurants that offer discounts and deals to bring clients in, our chefs rely on the quality of the menu and utilize only the finest ingredients to produce food of unparalleled quality.

Drink Specials that Spark Conversations

Maybe you need a stiff drink after a long day at work, or maybe you need to loosen up a prospective customer. Whatever your desires, our drink specials in Brickell and drink specials in Las Olas are just what the young professional needs to get the conversation flowing. From draft beers and mixed drinks to shots and champagne, we will help you keep the seven-minute silence at bay and make sure your glass doesn’t run dry throughout the evening.

We invite you to contact American Social to schedule your next networking event. We will be happy to reserve the space you need to get down to business. Whether your party is large or small, we’ll make sure to save plenty of space for all to enjoy the evening.