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About Us

American Social is the place to eat, drink and be social. High-energy atmosphere. Award-winning
cuisine. Live entertainment. Craft beer. Crafted cocktails and so much more. All in a space designed
specifically for socializing. Where conversations flow free and connections run deep. Where everyone
is free to feel good and the stage is always set for having a good time.

Satisfy your cravings with our take on American cuisine. Bold, classic dishes with an #AmSo twist, like
fire-grilled burgers topped with horseradish cheddar sauce or meatballs infused with a Knob Creek
Maple Bourbon Glaze. There are flavors for everyone and endless conversations to go with them.

Whether dining with old friends on our chic and relaxing resort-style patios or flying solo to meet new
ones at our lively bars, at #AmSo, you’re never alone. ‘Social’ isn’t just part of our name, it’s who we are
and what we’re all about. It’s engrained in our spaces. Embodied by our staff. And celebrated by all.
Especially you.


Rick Mijares


Managing Partner

Managing Partner Rick Mijares, like most of American Social’s Management Team, began his Hospitality career working in the restaurant industry, and for him it was behind the bar. “Having the opportunity to interact with new people every single day was so enjoyable for me, and I’ll never discount the unique opportunities I had to serve others from behind my bar. The relationships and lessons learned are still carried with me to this day.”

Prior to creating American Social, Rick absorbed valuable lessons from his family’s successful Real Estate Development and Construction businesses, before changing paths and creating a cutting-edge concept in the Hospitality Industry. Through years of business, traveling and experience he formed American Social Bar & Kitchen in 2012. Today there are 5 locations in Florida with additional in the works at the various stages of negotiation. “I truly anticipate us opening several more in Florida and expanding beyond in the next 2-3 years. Our outlook is very exciting, and we’ll continue to work towards our growth, while leaving our imprints on this industry.” His leadership, skills in construction and design, as well as his unwavering commitment to his staff and the culture within AmSo, will continue to pave the way for American Social to grow alongside the best restaurant brands in the country. “My goal is to continue to create beautiful restaurants within the major cities in Florida and beyond, with each AmSo being unique and welcoming to our local markets and our visiting guests.”

American Social Team Paul


Managing Partner

Paul Greenberg grew up in and around the South Florida hospitality industry.

From humble beginnings as a busboy at a local pizza restaurant – to a bartender at an upscale venue – to manager and partner at two major North Florida bars, Paul knows what it takes to be successful in the hyper-competitive food and beverage industry.

After years of perfecting his thirst for craft beers, he played an integral role in launching his “dream bar and restaurant,” American Social. Taking a hands-on approach, Greenberg personally selects each craft beer offering, discovers exciting new signature cocktails, and taste-tests every single food item.

It is his passion and dedication to superior service that has earned American Social the local stamp of approval from Fort Lauderdale residents looking for a “home away from home.”


Managing Partner

Tony and Laurie are founding members of American Social Hospitality Group along with their partners, son Rick Mijares and partner Paul Greenberg. With over 45 years of experience in many phases of the business industry, he is directly responsible for the growth of the American Social brand which includes new business development, the business and legal affairs of the companies, and also includes finance and construction of each new operation.

His wife Laurie and son Rick are primarily responsible for all interior and exterior design, décor, and furnishings for each new operation and include continual upgrading of existing operations as the brand continues to evolve.