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American Social Tampa Private Dining

Liberty Lounge

Adjacent to the Private Dining Room, the Liberty Lounge is the most coveted private event space at American Social Tampa. Sexy and chic, the Liberty Lounge boasts its own private bar, complete privacy options, and is used for both large and intimate events. The Liberty Lounge is enclosed by sliding glass doors that give guests the option to open the room to the outside Private Terrace or maintain a more secluded and intimate environment for their guests to enjoy.

Capacity: Seating 15-50, Standing 80


Private Dining Room

At the center of the beautiful American Social Tampa rests the Private Dining Room. Enclosed by warm and beautiful sliding Barn Doors and offering access to both the Private Terrace and the Liberty Lounge, the PDR offers options for Private Dining, Formal Meetings and presentations.

Capacity: Seating 12-30


American Social Tampa Outside Bar

Outside Private Bar

Located on the far south side of the restaurant lies this semi-hidden gem of waterfront bar service. Consider this Outside VIP Bar for a networking event, corporate happy hour, or reserve the space for a secluded sit down lunch or dinner. From this uniquely position bar, the Downtown Tampa Skyline views are the best in the Bay Area.

Capacity: Seating 10-30, Standing 60


American Social Tampa Restaurant

Private Terrace (Lounge Couches)

​Complete with multiple lounge couches, waterfront views, and multiple fire pits, the Private Terrace is the perfect location for Happy Hour or late night bottle service. The semi private terrace separates AmSo's main outdoor dining from its private events space. Book now as the lounge couches are very popular for groups of all sizes.

Capacity: Seating 10-28, Standing 85


American Social Tampa Bar

Patio Bar

​Is your group too large for our Outside Private Bar? Inquire about semi privatizing the Patio Bar (Main Dining Room) and take in the beautiful Tampa Sunset.

Capacity: Seating 30- 150, Standing 250


American Social Tampa Bar and Restaurant

​Main Bar

​If you want to be in the middle of the action and gain exposure for your business, non-profit, or networking group - American Social has several options within the Main Bar for groups of all sizes.

Capacity: Seating 15-200, Standing 300


American Social Tampa Restaurant

Venue Buyout

The BEST venue and views for your corporate event in Tampa. We have the ability to combine any two or more of our private event space to accommodate any and all event planners needs and/or requirements.

Capacity: Seating 250- 500, Standing 800