It might surprise you to know how many classic cocktails there are in Miami, courtesy of outstanding mixologists who will have you celebrating life with variations of classic cocktails in your favorite bars. No matter your preference, you are in for a treat. Here are some of the beloved options to go with your favorite sports and lively music.

Moscow mule

Are you looking for an excellent vodka-based classic cocktail? Not only is it easy to make, but it will leave you ecstatic. Ginger, beer, and lime are everything you need. As for the tools, a large mug will suffice. The taste is magical whether you use a long glass or a mug. A high-quality vodka is a significant first step.

Getting top-notch beer can give you a high-quality drink. Using lime sparingly may be necessary to complement the primary ingredients. While enjoying the Miami summer, it can be hard to think of another restorative classic. Enthusiasts have enjoyed the drinks for decades. Yet, they keep asking for more. There is no better time to try a popular variation from American Social known as the Hibiscus Mule.


The Mojito is one of the best rum-based cocktails. It boasts a rich Cuban heritage besides being highball (it uses more mixers such as fruit juice than alcohol). Your mixologist may use simple syrup or a club soda to give you the magical taste you deserve. The mint leaves and fresh lime juice in the mix will leave you craving for more.

Miami, too, celebrates this classic drink. You could try the cocktail on the rocks—a few ice cubes are enough to start the party. A light stir may be necessary to involve all the ingredients. Bruising mint leaves is enough to get enough essential oils; you do not have to shred the mint leaves. Stop into American Social and try our Cactus Pearl Mojito.

Mai Tai

It is one of the best cocktails to unwind with, especially in the trendy bars of Miami. Like other tiki drinks, the Mai Tai has enough rum besides other unique ingredients. Your mixologist has no option but to add fresh lime juice, orange curacao, and orgeat (a subtle almond syrup). The popularity of the drink has lasted for years. It continues to amaze enthusiasts seeking a good time with a classic.

Bartenders are not limited when making the Mai Tai—they can even get you a neon-colored one if you like. The tradition of blending rums may get you the depth, flavor, and complexity you want. The Banana Rye Tai from American Social is a great option.


The Margarita is one of the most iconic classic cocktails, thanks to a combination of strong tequila, a tang of lime, and a sweet orange flavor. While it may be hard to tell the drink’s origin, it has earned its place in many hearts.

A quality Margarita often needs quality tequila. Getting fresh lime is essential to attain the authentic taste you deserve. Some individuals may prefer to add kosher salt. Regardless, a Margarita like the Spicy Guava-Rita from American Soc in a magnificent Miami restaurant is magical.


You may have already encountered this Brazilian classic. The Caipirinha is as refreshing as it is easy to make. Like many other cocktails, this one requires fresh lime too. Make sure to add enough sugar as per your liking. The key ingredient is cachaca—a spirit that originates from Brazil.

Caipirinha boasts a long history of satisfied users as the unique taste is partly due to the special preparation process. The drink calls for finely granulated sugar and lime wedges. Ultimately, the Caipirinha is one of the unmatched classics. If you are looking for a great alternative, a Reserva Old Fashioned as served at American Social can never go wrong.

Discover Miami’s best cocktails at American Social

There are countless classic cocktails to unwind with in Miami while enjoying your favorite game with loved ones. At American Social, our experienced mixologists will offer you a personalized cocktail to go with a delicious meal. Enjoy electrifying music as you spend the night under the magical Miami sky.

We can’t wait to serve you the best classic cocktails in Miami. Make a reservation at our Las Olas, Orlando, Brickell, or Tampa locations, or better still, contact us to locate your favorite cocktail on our expansive menu.


Image Source: Marie Sonmez Photography / Shutterstock