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351 W Plaza Real
Boca Raton, FL 33432

Boca Raton Restaurant

Look no further than American Social if you are looking for a great meal while watching the "big game" in Boca Raton. The restaurant has unbeatable meals on an extensive menu for your daily dining needs.

Happy Hour

Take advantage of our Happy Hour. It lasts between 2 pm-7 pm between Monday and Friday. What could be better than spending your Monday with electrifying musical experiences? Tacos on Tuesday at a great price may be the best way to watch sports in Boca Raton. Wednesday does not get any better than the half-priced wine bottles in AMSO.

Weekly Events

Let us talk about your social life in Boca Raton! AMSO is the perfect place to meet other fun-loving individuals.

American Social provides excellent meals and offers throughout the week. Drop in any time to enjoy the offerings.

Explore Boca Raton

Boca Raton is full of fun activities—from exclusive golf courses to fantastic beach events. The picturesque city houses ambient parks, world-class theaters, and museums.

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center offers you a chance to participate in saving the environment besides the thrill of endless turtle-themed events. Boca Raton is the place to watch birds by the breathtaking seaside—at the Red Reef Park. End your visit to the Red Reef Park with snorkeling, among other fun coastal activities.

Boca Raton has a lot to offer in outdoor dining. American Social is the place to reminisce about memorable events after a busy day in Boca Raton. What is better than watching your favorite sports with mouth-watering foods and drinks throughout the night?

Your Go-To Dining Spot

The all-beloved American Social is the place to satisfy your cravings. The restaurant has a unique take on classic dishes. Ultimately, AMSO delivers a casual dining experience. The rich menu includes signature burgers, bar nibbles, and organic salads. There is no better choice for a dining spot in Boca Raton than American Social.


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American Social is an award-winning establishment offering an upscale dining experience for casual and executive events. Conveniently located in Boca Raton, American Social is a high-energy sports bar. It offers electrifying musical experiences besides a diverse menu. Magical handcrafted cocktails crown the experience.


Get To Know Us


Coming soon to the heart of the beautiful Mizner Park, American Social’s newest location will showcase the best in modern American Comfort foods, specialty cocktails, and craft beers.


With so much to do, it is easy to work up an appetite. Whether you need fuel in the morning or something to keep you going in the middle of the afternoon, you need to stop by the best sports bar in Boca Raton. From delicious food to craft beers, everything you need and more can be found right here. You and everyone else in your party can rest, relax, and have a good time before you embark on your next adventure.


American Social, Boca Raton is Florida’s ultimate sports bar and restaurant. The restaurant boasts authentic American dishes. AMSO turns meals into rich experiences, as intended by its founders—two longtime college friends.


The services and the ambient establishment are unmatched in Boca Raton. The restaurant offers All-American comfort food complimented with outstanding sports experiences. Craft beers in AMSO are not only handcrafted but also exclusive to the restaurant. Naturally, we are your go-to restaurant for great times with loved ones and colleagues.




We serve brunch on a first-come, first serve basis. Our Boca Raton brunch is so good that we do not offer reservations. AMSO is the place to be for an awe-inspiring brunch with loved ones.




AMSO puts a spin on lunch in Boca Raton with classics you will enjoy alongside contemporary American cuisine. Our dishes are sharable, and they include duck tacos and house-made pretzels. We understand the frustration of eating junk food for lunch. As a result, we have crafted a wholesome menu for you. Drop in any time to enjoy delicious meals suited for your lunch break.




Dinner is ready! Something magical has been cooking in AMSO. Bring along your loved ones and colleagues for a memorable dining experience. You are welcome to enjoy our incredible eats on any night in Boca Raton. Our dedication and prowess have turned the best foods from land and sea into an incredible dinner for you.


American Social for the Best Food & Drinks in Miami


Dining in Florida can never be easier than getting delicious drinks, signature cocktails, and the latest music while watching your favorite sports. AMSO showcases everything that America has to offer. The outstanding staff has crafted a diverse menu to match your taste. Executive events are handled with the utmost professionalism to meet your colleagues’ long-awaited meals. American Social understands the value of personal events. We offer a serene atmosphere for your loved ones in Boca Raton to celebrate special moments in life.


Having fun while enjoying wholesome meals in Boca Raton is assured in AMSO. Contact us today to make a reservation to give your loved ones and workmates a magical dining experience.

Great service and great food
Denise Taylor
November 12, 2022.
Let me start by saying that the food was amazing and the prices were very reasonable!! I highly recommend the fruity pebbles chicken and waffles, tasted great and was the perfect portion size! However, the service was definitely lacking, sadly. We were there early on a Sunday, before there was any brunch rush. It took a solid 10 mins and waving down 4 different servers/busboys asking for water until they finally came and refilled our water, the food also took a bit of awhile for it not being busy. Also was a bit disappointing that they had several different coffee choices, however, only offered regular milk and no alternatives, which I thought was a bit weird in this day and age that they didn't at least have 1 other choice, yet had an assortment of flavor syrups.
Alex Dreyshner
November 10, 2022.
Had a great experience here with my friends. A great brunch spot. Right on the water and food was actually phenomenal. The busted potatoes, as interesting as they sound, are phenomenal. I definitely recommend coming here on a weekend and get there when it opens in my opinion. Expect to spend around 25-45 per person I think is about the normal here depending on the meal you order.
dylan krell
November 8, 2022.