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Nightlife Activities in Tampa, FL

Are you planning a vacation to the sunny city of Tampa? Or maybe you’ve just relocated to Tampa and are ready to get to know your new neighborhood. Whether you’re local to the area or just passing through, the community boasts plenty of things to do, see, and experience.

And once the sun goes down, Tampa truly comes alive.

Does Tampa have a good nightlife?

Yes! For anyone new to Tampa, it’s easy to wonder if the nightlife scene can ever measure up to Miami, Orlando, and other well-known Florida cities. But here in Tampa, you can expect to find fun everywhere you turn – especially once the clock strikes the evening hours.

From SoHo to Ybor City and everywhere in between, Tampa knows how to have a good time after dark. One of Tampa’s best parts is the casual-cool vibe that you won’t find anywhere else.

What is There to Do in Tampa at Night?

In Tampa, the nightlife scene has all the standard options: you can hit the dance floor at a trendy nightclub, order bottle service at a hip lounge, or watch the game and enjoy a beer at the neighborhood sports bar.

Or, you could go to the one place in Tampa that offers all that and more: American Social Bar & Kitchen.

We’re one part all-American restaurant and bar and one part nightlife hotspot, complete with unbeatable daily specials, an exceptional menu, a first-rate happy hour, and a fun-loving crowd and staff. There’s always something going on here, from sports viewing parties to holiday gatherings – and you can even host a hangout of your own in our private event space.

Our larger-than-life venue spans more than 15,000 square feet of waterfront property. It boasts everything you could ever want for the perfect night out: a stylish, intimate dining room for romantic dates and dinners with friends, three full-service bars for grabbing drinks, and an indoor/outdoor VIP bar and patio space for hosting the ultimate get-together. Whether you’re celebrating something special or just want to make some fun memories with your crew, American Social is your go-to space.

Of course, no night is complete without great food and drinks, and American Social in Tampa has you covered. Our menu features a delicious assortment of elevated comfort food favorites, with a wide selection of drinks that includes craft beers, wines, and craft cocktails. Here, we have something for everyone to enjoy – from your evening meal to your late-night drinks, you can do it all at AmSo.

Where Do Singles Go in Tampa?

If you’re single in Tampa, you’re probably looking for a great spot to meet new people, hang out with friends, and mingle with the city’s most beautiful. But of course, you’ll also need some good food and great drinks to fuel your single life adventures – and you won’t get that at the club.

That’s why AmSo has become one of the best Tampa singles bars: we have the food and the fun, and our bartenders are always serving lots of liquid courage. You can have an incredible time, and maybe even discover your dream date… at American Social, there’s no knowing where the night will take you!

Get to Know American Social

Make the most of your after-dark hours in Tampa by coming to American Social, the city’s hottest bar and restaurant and everyone’s favorite nightlife hangout spot.

Discover the best of Tampa nightlife when you make plans to visit American Social Bar & Kitchen tonight!

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